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& Maintenance


                       A deck is a rewarding extension to any home.


The versatility of timber allows you to design a deck that is tailored to your home and your lifestyle.


You can change levels, build extra wide stairs or even build seating around a feature tree through the deck.


Make sure your deck is large enough;

For example - your deck will need to be at least 3 metres wide to comfortably accommodate most sets of outdoor tables and chairs.


Decking timber, bearers and joists not in contact with the ground should have a treatment level of H3 and posts in contact with the ground should have a minimum of H4 treatment (H5 may be required by the local authority).  We recommend bearers and joists within 300mm of the ground should be H4.


Paints and stains will reduce weathering and there are also a number of products which you can use to maintain the good looks of natural pine.


To retain the original look and to avoid the build-up of slippery mildew, periodic cleaning is recommended.  Low pressure water blasting with chemical  cleaners is effective.


High pressure water blasting is not recommended as it tends to fur the timber surface attracting more dirt and mildew build-up.


Periodically remove any dirt or potting mix from board gaps especially over joists.


Eco Decking


What is wood plastic composite (WPC) decking?

WPC decking is a new eco-friendly decking for outdoor use.  WPC is composed of 35% HDPE, 55% Poplar and 10% additive (anti-UV, paint, coupling-agent etc).


Why Choose WPC Decking?


         • Virtually no maintenance

         • 10 year warranty

         • Easy to install

         • No need to ever stain deck

         • Modern and elegant looks

         • Environmentally friendly


Premium Decking


Superior quality decking products to compete in retail market with imported hardwood species. Only small, round defects acceptable which must not detract aesthetically from a high class finished deck appearance.


Standard Decking (Merch)


A mid-range quality decking product suitable for standard decking applications where a lower cost is desirable over premium type decking products.  The inherently lower grade and the corresponding part of the log where the Merch grade product is produced from may result in greater distortion over time.


                                                                 All pine decking comes treated as H3.2.

Kwila Decking


Kwila, is a very good alternative to pine decking. It can be found in lengths ranging from 1.8 to 4.8m while most commonly available size would be around 3m to 3.6m in length.  The species contains a natural resin which will bleed and discolour the timber while it is drying. Both green and dry Kwila machine and finish well.  Kwila is a very stable and durable timber which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor uses.


Timber decks have many functional uses and can be an asset to any home.


Timber is a natural product which shrinks as it dries, so shallow cracks will develop in timber exposed to the elements.

Quick costing for building a deck


Deck up to 1500mm off the ground

This price is to build a deck up to 1500mm of the ground with premium grade pine decking

From $135 per square metre


Deck 1000mm or more off the ground

This price is to build a deck from1000mm or more off the ground using premium grade pine decking and pine handrail  Decks from1000mm to just under 1500mm high require a handrail and decks 1500mm high and over require Building Consent as well

From $200 per square metre plus consent costs if applicable


If Kwila is used instead of pine the cost would increase by $60 per square metre

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